We provide quality laundry service with great convenience and reliability at an affordable rate. If we were to summarize Tingtongg in one line, this would be it.

At Tingtongg, we are looking to be your one - stop reliable solution for ironing, laundry and dry cleaning clothes. We understand that your clothes are your prized possessions, which need to be treated with utmost care. We go an extra mile in ensuring that through our team of experienced laundry professionals who understand exactly what care needs to be taken while washing your clothes.

We provide quality laundry service with great convenience.

Our goal is to ensure that you have a hassle free laundry experience and let us take all the efforts to ensure that your clothes are cleaned as per your expectations and beyond. If in the past, ironing and laundry seemed like a mundane chore, with Tingtongg, we want our customers to look forward to ordering with us and experience our convenient delivery while their clothes are returned fresh, soft and clean, almost as good as new.

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We believe we are the best because we have

Highly-Trained Staff

Highly trained staff to ensure that you have a smooth, personal and pleasurable service experience.

Eco-friendly Cleaning

Our front loading machines use 3 times less water than the conventional washing machines.

Affordable Pricing

Our charges are similar to getting it done at your local mom and pop shop with much higher quality.

Work Experience

Our cleaning experts are competent professionals with vast experience in the industry which ensures that your clothes are treated in the best possible manner.

Prompt & Fast Service

Quick turnaround gives yours clothes back within 48hrs of pick up. Executives are constantly in touch and prompt with their responses for a better customer experience.

Best Packaging

We provide great packaging that keeps your clothes with perfect crease and makes it easy to store in your wardrobe.